If any phrase could describe my current perspective on life, it would have to be from the wonderfully pointed poetry of Brian Andreas:

“Deciding everything is falling into place, perfectly.

As long as you don’t get too picky about place, or perfectly.”

// Brian Andreas 

Presently place, and perfectly, are constantly changing. Although originally from Birmingham, Alabama, home is now an accumulation of spaces, places and people. Sewanee, Tennessee was home for 4 years meanwhile studying for my Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies at the University of the South. It was there on the Cumberland Plateau that I was reintroduced to (what I once learned in a different context with the Alabama Waldorf School), that nature and the outdoors are the most wonderful resources of energy, community and adventure. This is a truth that inspires much of what I do, professionally, recreationally and artistically.

For over a year, southern Chile has been home, between teaching English and taking every opportunity to explore the very diverse natural spaces and cultures of the country. Artistically speaking, watercolor and photography have been recent, travel friendly mediums while oil painting will have to wait until gifted with the joy of staying in one place…or a travel set.

My place and “perfectly” currently has no permanence nor professional title. So for now – environmentalist, explorer and artist will have to do.

If interested in commissioning, chatting or learning more about my work and/or day to day, please visit the contact page.